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Community Rules And Regulations

For the comfort and convenience of all residents, it is our goal to maintain this development as the most outstanding Apartment Community in this area. The Management has established the following policies for all current and future residents of our complex.  It is requested that everyone cooperate with these rules and regulations as they are essential for the favorable living conditions of all residents.

 Pets. Phase 2 will allow Pets. Please ask Property Manager for further information.

Parking.  Tenants will be given parking passes that correspond with their unit. If parked in someone else’s parking space you may be subject to being towed. Under no circumstances will parking on the grass or in restricted areas be permitted.  Unauthorized, abandoned, improperly parking and out of repair vehicles will be towed   at the car owner’s expense.  Management will not permit recreational vehicles such as, RV’s, trailers and boats, unless such vehicles are permitted in writing by Management.

Guests.  A reasonable number of guests are welcome at our Community.  However, if you would like them to access our facilities, you must be with them at all times.  Guests and visiting children must limit their stay to no more than a one-week duration per month, unless prior written consent is given by Management.  Please help make their stay more enjoyable by informing them of the community policies in advance.  The management reserves the right to determine at their sole discretion what determines a reasonable number of guests.

Supervision of children.  All parents are asked to be responsible for their own children and see that they too abide by Community Rules and Regulations.  Specific attention should be given to preventing children from playing in or around the entryways, laundry rooms, carports, trash receptacles, parking areas and any waterways.  Young children must be supervised by an adult at all times.  Toys, bicycles, etc., should be stored within your apartment and not outside or in the common areas.  Unattended articles will be subject to confiscation by Management at Management’s discretion and a $25.00 storage fee will be charged.  Fee must be paid in full before the article is returned to the owner.


Hazardous Materials. The outdoor living areas are provided to extend the enjoyment and livability of each residence.  In   compliance with the State and local fire codes certain items are forbidden to be stored anywhere.  The following is a partial list of potentially hazardous and/or toxic materials that are not allowed on property:  Propane gas, charcoal, lighter fluid, paint thinner/remover etc.

Delivery & package acceptance.  The rental office will accept deliveries for you when you are not home.  If the office accepts deliveries, you must give the office notification prior to the delivery.  Management cannot assume responsibility for the delivery or for theft or breakage resulting from delivery.  Packages will be accepted for you in the event of your absence.  If packages are accepted, Management assumes no responsibility for the contents or for theft.  Because of limited storage space, please pick up your pages at your earliest convenience from the rental office.

Laundry.  Where laundry facilities are available they are for the exclusive use of our residents.  Residents are requested not to permit their children to go to the laundry room unless attended by an adult.  Clothes, laundry baskets, detergents, etc., should not be left unattended in the laundry areas.  Please remove your laundry as soon as the machine shuts off.  Management cannot be responsible for loss or damage of these articles.  Please help us in maintaining your laundry room by reporting equipment malfunctions, disposing of lint, empty containers, softening sheets, etc., in trash receptacles.  At no time should the laundry room waste container be used for your daily accumulation of trash nor should the facilities be used as a playroom or storage area.

Occupant change.  Any variation from the lease in regards to occupants must be handled through Management.  Any additions to the lease must be approved prior to their move in.  Potential residents will be expected to complete the application process as well as be qualified and accepted by Management.  Once someone has been added to the lease, they will remain responsible for the lease until it is terminated according to the terms of the lease.

Inspections.  For the protection and comfort of all residents, as a preventative measure, each apartment is inspected and maintained by A) a licensed pest control company and B) maintenance staff, at no expense to the resident. The inspection date is pre-arranged on a specific date each month as scheduled by management.

To ensure a pleasant and safe environment for all tenants, compliance with the following Rules and Regulations is a condition of your lease agreement. Owner reserves the right to make changes or adopt additional rules. 


We offer 1 year leases for our studio apartments in Downtown Pigeon Forge. 


The safety deposit for each unit is equal to the unit’s rental rate. To move in, tenants will need to pay the safety deposit and first month’s rent.

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